Sewegap Benefits for Women

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Women Participation in Policy Dialogues

Join our Policy Dialogues on various issues related to women and economic growth in Pakistan and let your voice be heard.

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Mentoring & Training Opportunities

Join some of our various workshops, incubation cycles under ICx and mentoring sessions for professional growth.

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Professional Women Directory

Nominate yourself and other brilliant women to showcase your talent & skills in the SEW-EGAP Professional Women Directory.

SEW-EGAP Women Hub
SEPLAA Empowering Women for Economic Growth & Peace

Empowering women with the requisite leadership and management skills enables them to not only contribute towards their own families but helps build the economy of the country. Progressive and productive women have the potential to be the backbone of society. At SEPLAA Enterprises under the SEW-EGAP (SEPLAA Empowering Women for Economic Growth And Peace) Women Hub Project, we are constantly using innovative methods involving field surveys, digital technology and online tools to reach across to women in both urban as well as rural areas where we can offer them dynamic platforms to showcase their products and services. With the help of the SEWEGAP Women Empowerment Council, we are able to gather professional women on one platform to help promote women, their work and to offer them several opportunities for professional growth. We therefore work in the following areas with women: Management and Leadership skills development through capacity building. Women Empowerment Conference. Enterprising Women Exhibitions. 4. Product development innovation competitions. 5. ICx SEPLAA Incubation Cycles for girls and women. 6. Professional Networking.