January 5, 2016

Women Empowerment Policy Dialogue Series  

The SEW-EGAP Women Empowerment Policy Dialogue Series is the first Project for women empowerment to analyse the position of women in Pakistan through a Women Empowerment Dialogue Series under the theme:

‘Process of Women Empowerment in Pakistan: Challenges & Achievements’.

The SEW-EGAP Executive Council Lahore Working Committee along with the Senior Executive Members of the Lahore Chapter have met on various occasions in 2015 to discuss and analyse the process of women empowerment and the current position of women in the Pakistani society, in order to document findings and make recommendations to the government.

Eminent experts in the relevant fields were invited to speak at the Policy Dialogues on:

1. Women in Education
2. Women & Disability
3. Women in Development
4. Women in Peace
5. Women in Democracy
6. Women in Corporate Governance

Opinion makers were invited to shed light on the present position of women in our society and to recommend a way forward for the empowerment of women.

In this interactive series of focal group discussions (FGD) all participants are encouraged to participate and get equal opportunity to speak and have their opinions recorded for further reporting. The purpose of these discussion he future, is to measure the changing level of capacity building required in our society to empower women and to streamline the efforts of women as significant work within in the community.

The Dialogues are inclusive and open to public but interested individuals must email their cvs and reasons to attend at contact.seplaa@gmail.com.

Due to space constraints, for each Dialogue to be held, it will be announced beforehand how many Sewegap Members can attend.  Usually no more than 15 participants can attend each Focal Group Discussion.