“A good 12 years of my life”…at Convent of Jesus & Mary

  By: Ribca Ralph, Trainee Sub Editor, Trainee Admin Officer & Content Writer, SEPLAA Foundation The capacious red brick walls and vintage feel of the place engraved its impact in my memory. However, it is what lies beneath the majestic architecture captured in the picture that initiates all praises for this place, to be honest. Read more about “A good 12 years of my life”…at Convent of Jesus & Mary[…]

Visit Swat: the paradise valley

By Ahmed Bappi–SEPLAA intern This paradise is a place having azure lakes and streams; lush green and full of water with freshening breeze. Swat is really a paradise on earth with all its bounty of beauty. Orchard laden with apples, apricots, peaches, plums, walnuts and Diospyrus lotus (Japani phal); and peaks gleamed gold with lavishly Read more about Visit Swat: the paradise valley[…]