Youth Spotlight: ICx Cycle 1 Winner Bakhtawar Pervaiz

Meet one of our Incubation Cycle 1 Winners from the SEPLAA Foundation & Umeed Jawan project in South Punjab:

Bakhtawar Pervaiz!

 Bakhtawar cover

Basic information:

Name: Bakhtawar Pervaiz

Age: 20

Occupation: Student of MCS

City: Bahawalpur


Swimming, voluntary work, social work, membership of clubs and societies, riding.


Can you tell our readers a little about your project that is being incubated under the Impact Change Xcelerator (iCx) SEPLAA Foundation?

We are introducing a food market which is purely based on Cholistani foods. We’ll promote the culture of Cholistan and provide a source of income to Cholistani people.

Can you share some of your experiences with SEPLAA and iCx?

My experience with SEPLAA was more than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams! At first I was extremely nervous, not knowing anyone or what to expect. Everyone that I met through SEPLAA has helped me grow in one way or another.  My experience with SEPLAA was absolutely amazing and has helped me develop into a stronger leader and overall a more outgoing individual. I have helped my friends get onboard with SEPLAA and strongly encourage anyone even slightly interested in joining to do so! You won’t regret it!

You were one of the first students from Bahawalpur to join the iCx Incubation Cycle 1! What motivated you to join iCx?

For me, this organization is an organization that I was looking for and I feel this organization will bring future benefit to me as well.Secondly, my motivation to sign up as a member in SEPLAA is my desire to have friends from all over Pakistan.

Do you have any future plans to work with SEPLAA?

I’ve a lot of plans with SEPLAA to help poor people. I have been selected as a SEPLAA University Ambassador in Bahawalpur to encourage students to take part in the future Incubation Cycles as well. I hope to complete my project with SEPLAA soon!

We wish you all the best Bakhtawar!